It’s not a sit in It’s not…

It’s not a sit-in.  It’s not a stand-off.  It’s a Poser-fest: Take it from an NYU alumnus.  This whole NYU protest is sad and embarassing.  Can these students tell the difference between desires and rights?  Can they tell the difference between a private university and a state university?

There are mechanisms to make requests from school management in a civilized fashion, people.

Plus, how about a little focus?  They want budget transparency and – while you’re at it – throw in some scholarships for Gaza students and “new programs that encourage social and environmental responsibility”. Fine, except that – I assure you – the whole NYU campus is an infomercial for social and environmental responsibility already!

An irreverent Gawker has more here and here.

NYU’s online student paper is also covering the story.