UPDATED: Some Are More Equal Than Others

Some sophisticrats are really desperate to appear cool by coming to the defense of a very talented artist: HuffPo writers are going all out to defend Roman Polanski.

That doesn’t surprise me.  Appearing cool is of tremendous importance to the cultural elite.  What surprises me is that all these sophisticrats know that the very talented man in question raped a 13-year old girl.

Strangely, Republican Congressman Mark Foley didn’t attract such sympathies on the HuffPo’s servers when he was caught IM’ing suggestive messages to a Congressional page.  But unlike Foley, Polanski is not a Republican.  He’s simply wanted in L.A. on a child rape charge conviction.

By his own admission, Polanski raped a child in 1977.  He agreed to appear for a sentencing hearing in 1978 but fled instead.  As told in the documentary Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, the judge presiding over Polanski’s case was disturbingly unprofessional; but the law says Polanski owes a debt to society just the same.  And no amount of awards or talent – or the horrors of World War II, or the Manson Family’s horrific escapades – will erase that debt.

That Polanski’s victim forgave him and was compensated monetarily is irrelevant.  L.A. County prosecutors don’t represent the victim.  They represent the People.

This elitist posturing is not only perverse, but absurd.  If Polanski were merely a French production assistant, no Hollywood celebrities or HuffPo sophisticrats would come to his defense.  Although, maybe the French would.

UPDATE: Insta-lanche!  Thanks for the link, Professor Reynolds!

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ONE MORE: A reader e-mails: “Polanski already went to trial on that charge and pled guilty.”  The reader is right.  Polanski is way beyond being charged.  On the reader’s recommendation, I did some editing above.

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