I Knew It: Amy Bishop-Democrat Connection

I just knew there was something to the Amy Bishop story that would embarrass some on the Left.

Not because Bishop is a member of academia, which made it a good bet that she was a Leftie; but because when events of this sort occur, it is the habit of many a Leftie blogger to somehow blame conservatism ASAP, either by linking the alleged perp to conservatism or by complaining about lack of gun control.

But this time, not a peep.  I’m sure Media Matters did the necessary research.  Looking up the background of a professor at a big college can’t be that hard.  Complaining about the need for gun control is even easier.  However, the usual voices were silent in that regard.  There had to be a reason for this.  And that reason has a name: Jim Delahunt (D-MA).

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