“Reinvent” Is the New “Bailout”

Via Instapundit: Apparently the Left-tilting  “journalism” establishment  is too big to fail, so journalism must be “reinvented” by government.

Surely there are better ways to promote a robust media market, but they wouldn’t allow for the same level of government control and taxation opportunities.  I for one am not sure I’d be able to keep this blog going if I get taxed by the link, like the FTC proposes aggregators are taxed.

Much of this proposal doesn’t make sense.  You can’t license use of a link under current law, for example.  And then there are multiple First Amendment issues that it doesn’t even consider.

Lamentations aside, those of us in the American Right can find in this FTC proposal one reason to celebrate: though the Culture Wars still rage, the Great Battle of Media is over.  And it looks like we won.