UPDATED: At Decade’s End: Requiem For Utopia

There are no permanent victories in politics.  That’s a given.  But evidently some victories are more temporary than others.

In a period of about two years, the American Left went from “We’re all socialists now” and “It’s Bush’s Fault”  – plus incessant accusations of racism against whoever dared to even disagree with the purveyor of Hope and Change – to silly whining about Reaganomics, hurling profanity at the President*, and – finally – the ignominious defeat of watching the once-great champion of the Left keeping the so-called Bush Tax Cuts right where Bush left them.

Lefties have come full circle.  And they said it couldn’t be done.

But remember: there are no permanent victories in politics.  There is work to be done and a country to fix from years of fiscal mismanagement (brought about by both Democrats and Republicans, but definitely worsened in the last two years).  No time to waste.

But it’s almost Christmas.  So let’s enjoy the Waterloo for a couple of days.  And then keep pushing.

*Any comment from Maureen Dowd on this one; or is it just not as interesting to her as "You Lie!"?

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