UPDATED: Battle of the Political Star Wars Analogies

Jon Stewart vs. Glenn Beck.

Sounds to me like Stewart’s writers weaved Star Wars into their rhetoric more skillfully.  Still, that doesn’t mean that they didn’t get the whole thing wrong.  Of all the Star Wars characters, Sarah Palin most resembles Obi-Wan Kenobi, because they both have a particular experience in common.

As to whether Obama is like Luke Skywalker, there are some parallels.  The TelePrompter is like Obama’s lightsaber.  However, Luke was as adept at using his Jedi powers whether he was wielding a lightsaber or not.  Obama – on the other hand – is not very skilled at exercising  executive power, despite his skillful use of the TelePrompter.

The above aside, there is a bit of Star Wars dialogue that describes the Obama presidency so far with a great deal of accuracy: Han Solo’s immortal words: “It’s all a lot of simple tricks and nonsense.”

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UPDATE: Ed Driscoll links, with more.  Thanks!