UPDATED: BIN LADEN’S REVENGE: White House Flicker Page Unmasks CIA Terrorist Hunter

Obama’s very own Valerie Plame scandal? New York Observer: “The Associated Press brought the mysterious analyst’s role to light on July 5, after which a mere two days elapsed before The Observer managed to learn the identity of this super spy, type it into Google and track the poor guy to a quiet subdivision in Northern Virginia.”

Couldn’t leave bad enough alone, I guess.  It’s not all the White House’s fault, though. Or the Observer’s.  A charming Julian Assange wannabe also played a role. And he definitely sounds more than a little proud of his contribution: “If I had the name, I’d put it up. I’m an absolutist.”

‘Absolutist’ is not quite the word I had in mind, though it also starts with the letter ‘a’…

And who knows how many other official missteps had something to do with this? It’s not like they promised us Hope and Change and Competence, right?

UPDATE: Post of the Day at Legal Insurrection.  Thanks!

It’s been over 12 hours since this story broke on The Observer.  But if you Google “CIA agent outed”, you get a bunch of Valerie Plame references.  This story doesn’t seem to be getting any traction anywhere.  Perhaps, as with war, outing CIA agents is bad only when a Republican occupies the Oval Office…