So we’ve been eating a lot of turkey lately…

So we’ve been eating a lot of turkey lately, mostly because Dr. Wife is so busy with schoolwork and her full time job (which is not the practice of medicine – she has a doctorate in another area).  So every other week or so she’ll cook a whole turkey in the oven on a Sunday, which will feed us for a week.

Meanwhile, I’ve been barbecuing chicken in one form or another on Sunday nights on non-Turkey weeks.  Saves us time in the kitchen.  And – most importantly – it saves my wife time.  But – and this might come in handy for Thanksgiving and Christmas – to keep the turkey juicier longer while it’s in the fridge we are making use of these gigantic Ziploc Big Bag Double Zipper, X-Large bags at Amazon.  Box of 4 goes for less than $7.

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