Woops: Male Enhancement Hoax Leads to Fraud Conviction

A male enhancement drug that doesn’t deliver?  Inconceivable!  At least they nabbed the mastermind behind the ingenious scheme (and his mother too!).

But seriously now, we are talking here about a major player in this sort of niche market [which sort of market is that? –ed Uh…the male inadequacy market?]; and one with a huge advertising budget.  You’re probably asking: where was the FDA?  Well, the FDA doesn’t scrutinize nutritional supplements, only medications.  You see, Enzyte is promoted as “all-natural male enhancement” and apparently its ingredients are mostly a blend of herbal, alterna-holistic stuff.

Some government agency should keep an eye on alternative remedies, you might suggest.  Perhaps, but I think it’s going to take a lot of Enzyte-like fraud cases before that happens.