Post-Partisanship: DOA or Never Even There?

Is Obama’s post-partisan politics dead on arrival?

Maybe it never even existed.  At least not substantively.  I’m not sure post-partisanship is a very serious aim of Obama’s.

He certainly has made the effort to get some face time with congressional Republicans – and that’s nice from him – but in the end, face time is more about words than action.  And that’s something I think we can expect to see more of from this administration: style over substance.

Ultimately, post-partisanship is – or should be – about political leadership rising above politics.  And at times it almost seems as if that’s what Obama is about.  But unfortunately some can already discern in last week’s Capitol Hill goings-on the contours of what will become the administration’s tone.  And I’m afraid they may be right: politics above everything, nothing above politics.