VIDEO: Students for An Idiocratic Society

Gawker has posted video of the unraveling of the “Take Back NYU” “occupation”, aka the NYU Revolt.  Yes, it is ridiculous.  Painfully so.

As an NYU alumnus myself, I found the whole incident – from beginning to end – embarrassing.  But much of my embarrassment also comes from the fact that it evinces that a segment of our society has had its brain rearranged into mush by 20+ years of politically correct drivel that is all about form but largely lacks substance (which seems to be a theme of the Obama era).

Yes, activism can be perceived as a package deal by both Left and Right wing activists, but it is not the multiplicity of wide-ranging demands that lends incoherence to the students’ pronouncements.  It is the use of language beyond its meaning that is the problem.  It makes them sound incoherent because their choice of words has become a substitute for a grasp on reality.

“Negotiate”.  “Consensus”.  “Democratic process”.  “Collectively decide”.  Those terms have meanings that did not apply in the context of their then-existing situation.  These kids had no leverage to negotiate anything; and whatever they decided through any democratic method or collectively was irrelevant because at the time they lacked the power to apply or execute any decisions: it was game over.

Likewise, throwing the terms “brutality” and “force” around as if they were magic charms of protection is downright comical if not pathetic.  History shows that no camera and no magic words will stop the determined use of force.  Only opposing force can do that; but then, these are Lefties.

At any rate, no wonder Obama carried so much of the youth vote.  Form trumps everything with this crowd.  Even a grasp on reality.

(H/T: Instapundit)