UPDATED – Obama vs. Rush: Debate of the Century?

I just heard Rush offer to debate the President.  It will never happen, but I think I know what Rush is doing here: he’s making the President look smaller – at the least – and perhaps hoping to distract the administration from its goal of cowing Republicans, at most.

The making-Obama-look-smaller part should be easy to do.  The President is not the government or America.  He is one American who heads one single branch of the government.  Rush knows that.  That’s why he can comfortably say – and mean – that he wants Obama to fail in his endeavor of transforming America into just another socialist corporate state.

Whether Rush succeeds at the other task or not, I think Obama clearly underestimated the risk of targeting Rush. The President might as well be Truman going after Elvis (not that Truman would ever do that).  Obama may be a big deal, but so is Rush.  The difference is that Rush is not a politician, so Obama is at a disadvantage here: Obama and his team can’t always say what they really want to say, while Rush is all about saying what he wants to say.

At any rate, it should be fun to watch.  The reactions on his show from shaken Obama supporters were worth it.

UPDATE: Dan Riehl links.  Thanks!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Transcript of Rush’s debate offer this morning.

MORE (via Drudge) – VIDEO: Gibbs admits targeting Rush has been counterproductive.  Backing off so soon?  You can bet that’s not what he was supposed to say.  He’s probably getting a talking to from Emanuel right now…or at the least is being submitted to a Dance Off!

ONE MORE: Ed Driscoll: Rush Makes Obama An Offer He Can’t Accept.

STILL MORE: Will Rush grant the GOP “temporary amnesty” to stop being a distraction?