UPDATED: Tea Party Panic

More on Leftie Tea Party-phobia at Legal Insurrection: “Liberal bloggers and media groups can’t get the Tea Party phenomenon out of their heads. It wasn’t supposed to be this way”.

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What’s the big deal?  ACORN, MoveOn, and Soros get to pull puppet strings year after year, and that’s ok.  But God forbid Fox News puts so much as its imprimatur on Tea Parties! No way!  That’s too sinister, too insidious; and makes the whole movement illegitimate and inauthentic.  Whatever…

Jane Hamsher and Oliver Willis are probably asking “Who the hell are this Tea Party bunch?  Where did they come from?”  I’ll tell you who they are, Jane and Oliver.  They’re your worst nightmare: they’re small-governmenters first and party-loyalists second.

UPDATE: Laughing at Jane Hamsher…all the way to the Tea Party.  I gotta say, if Tea Parties are phony populism staged by a bunch of conservatives who are pissed off  because they are not the ones doing all the stealing right now (and on Fox News’s payroll to boot), then the Left has its work cut out for it in 2010.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Insta-lanche!  Thanks for the link, Professor Reynolds!

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