UPDATED: Lefties Slouching Towards Acceptance

Hmm.  Do Reason‘s editors read The Rhetorican?

I doubt it, but Matt Kibbe at Reason thinks – as I did some days ago – that the Left is following the Kubler-Ross grief cycle over the Tea Party movement (via Instapundit):

[I]t quickly became clear that a substantial slice of the electorate would not buy into the promise of really big government. Imagine how that must have felt for many leftists….Wiki-trained psychologists like me immediately recognized their pain. The remarkable ends to which lefty bloggers, Nobel Laureates, bit-part actresses, and even a senior White House official all went to discredit the massive grassroots revolt perfectly matches Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’ famous work on how to deal with grief, death, and loss.

I personally think Janeane Garofalo was already in the Bargaining stage when she spouted her famous “redneck” diatribe on Olbermann.  Oh, I know she sounded like she was going through the Anger stage, but that’s how Garofalo always sounds.

President Obama himself is very probably already at Bargaining, too: yesterday he acknowledged the Tea Parties exist by “responding” to them (so he’s way past Denial now); and he didn’t sound like he was in Anger – although he certainly sounded uncomfortable.  However, he’s only willing to recognize the Tea Party movement as a game.  So he clearly still has to work through some issues.

The next stage after Bargaining is Acceptance, but I don’t think most Lefties – including the President – will get there until around November 2010.  In fact, we’re going to have to push them into it.

UPDATE: Insta-lanche!  Thanks for the link, Professor Reynolds!