UPDATED: Carter Was Indeed Better

Hmm.  Does the WSJ‘s Holman Jenkins, Jr. read The Rhetorican?

I doubt it.  But he seems to be picking up on a point I made some weeks ago: “If Obama Had Carter’s Courage…“:

Barack Obama is no Jimmy Carter. The latter really did face the unraveling of an indispensable industry. Mr. Obama faces not a collapse of the domestic auto industry, but collapse of two companies…

In Mr. Carter’s day, bankruptcies were scything through the railroad sector, hurtling toward a rendezvous with nationalization.

In 1980, Congress passed the Staggers Act, ending a century of federal regulation and leading to the railroad industry’s renaissance. Leo Mullin, then a young Conrail veep, would later look back and praise all involved for having the fortitude to recognize that salvaging the taxpayer’s investment in Conrail meant more than fixing a single broken company — it meant fixing a defective regulatory environment.

That fortitude is exactly what’s missing today, as it was missing from Mr. Obama’s statement on Monday, which attributed GM’s failure to sins by everyone but Washington.

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