UPDATED: Spin of Spins

The LAT discovers the Happy Unemployed: For the funemployed, unemployment is welcome.

Funny how stories like this one never surface during Republican administrations, when the slightest macroeconomic hiccup is often painted by liberals and their MSM allies as a tragic recession.

What’s next?  Funflation?  Everything is more expensive, so it’s like adding value to your life!

Anything to prepare the battlespace for the recrimination that is sure to come, I guess.

UPDATE: Ace links.  Thanks!

MORE: JWF has a different take: he’s experienced funemployment personally.  I guess my law school years could have been funemployment too (I put an abrupt stop to 11 years of steady employment to get a law degree).  Except for the studying, the papers, and the substantial student loans, that is…

ANOTHER ONE: Reader Gekkobear follows up by making a case for something even better than funflation: Winflation!  “The one possible upside to look for” in what he acknowledges has “many downsides”:

The “average” American household debt is over $100,000.  With inflation the debt won’t rise, but the corresponding value of the item owned will.

Hence… “Winflation”.

That’s what I usually hear when I lament my law school debt.  And it is a comforting thought when you look back at loans.

But prospectively it’s a different story.  The fact remains that as inflation rises and the value of each dollar decreases, the cost of credit (interest rates) goes up.  So eventually the leveraging party loses steam; and you end up like 90’s Argentina; or 80’s Mexico (which I had the displeasure of experiencing).

Or 70’s America, with trucker movies, disco, and worse, although not necessarily in that order.