How to Do the Throat-Step Boogie (If You Dare)

Legal Insurrection: Beware Throat-Stamping Liberals.  From an e-mail to Prof. Jacobson by a clearly alarmed Lefty:

Actually, some of us remember 1993-94. We assumed you [Republicans] were “dead” then too. We learned a lesson there. Respond. And respond quickly, no matter how absurd or seemingly petty the attacks from conservatives.

This time, Mr. Jacobson, we know you’re down and we’re going to keep you there. We intend to step on your throat.

I admire this Kos-naut’s commitment.  But he must be one of the less hip among his crowd.  Conservative blogs are not where the throat-step action is today.  If you want to do some effective throat-stepping, you have to attend Tea Parties.

However, I wouldn’t recommend trying that because the sort of people who attend Tea Parties are – on average – fierce believers in asserting their right to self-defense.  Besides, odds are that you’d be sorely outnumbered, even if you bring friends; and – instead of stepping on any throats – you’ll end up simply feeling frustrated.

Ask MoveOnThey know“This sort of thing just keeps happening.”

Also, not sure that the Right is really “down” of late.  Political factions who are down and/or out don’t get apologies from Senators like Claire McCaskill (D – Missouri).