UPDATED: More On MSNBC’s “Edit-gate”

Tommy Christopher scolds MSNBC for its sloppy work.  He makes some of the same points I made yesterday; and a new revelation (via TPM): was the African American man that was edited out of the piece “put up to it” by a conservative radio talk show host?

You mean the talk show host kidnapped the man’s loved ones or put him under some other duress?  Maybe put a sharpshooter up on a perch somewhere (around a location secured for a presidential appearance) aiming straight at the poor man’s head?

TPM‘s headline simply says the whole thing was “planned” and their piece doesn’t go substantively beyond that.  They may be insinuating that the “plan” makes the whole thing fake and, therefore, MSNBC’s racial narrative is right on.  If they do, their insinuation is pretty subtle.  Wisely, I think.  The President’s appearance was also planned.  Does that make everything he said during the event insignificant?  Or a falsity?

Tommy – however – uses the facts of the so-called “planned interview” to take a shot at Hot Air and Newsbusters for omitting said facts from their own pieces about MSNBC‘s conduct here, in fact making an argument of moral equivalence.

Tommy doesn’t say how the facts of the planning behind the black man’s appearance are relevant to questioning MSNBC‘s journalistic integrity.  I don’t see how they would be.  They don’t add anything to the case for or against whether gun-toting protesters hate Obama because of his race.

However, the fact that an African-American man was willing to show up to protest Obama, while carrying an AR-15, and that MSNBC evidently found his presence at the event inconvenient, speaks volumes about the MSM’s current attempts to discredit the Mobs of August by painting them as racist.  Even if that man did it at the urging of someone else.

After all, the issue here is not whether racism exists or not.  It goes without saying racism is a fact of the human condition.  The issue is that the MSM is not reporting the news but pushing pro-administration propaganda…and that we – everyone – in a rare instance of clumsy transparency, caught a glimpse of the Minister of Truth behind the curtain.

UPDATE: Insta-lanche!  Thanks for the link, Professor Reynolds.

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