UPDATED: Time Lapse Aerial Video of 9/12 Protestors

I dunno if that’s 2 million.  But really, who the hell cares?  Put any number you want on them.  The video speaks for itself.  And this is what it says: It’s not just a Mob.  It’s a popular movement.

(It’s been brought to my attention that the YouTube video I originally linked to and posted here has been removed from YouTube.  I have posted instead a different version of the same video.  This one is not full screen, but you can still see the crowd.  — Jehuda, Sept. 22, 2009)

UPDATE: Insta-lanche!  Thanks for the link, Professor Reynolds!

MORE: Related: Awesome coverage and pics at The Corner.  Also, check out the pics from Capitalist Coffee and the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper, which I linked to earlier, here.

ANOTHER ONE: On that note, Professor Reynolds asks “Why is the British press more honest in its reporting on this stuff than the American press?”

I think that Obama’s failure would prove the American press wrong on so many levels that it would further accelerate the collapse of Old Media in the U.S.  Also, from a more human standpoint, it must suck to see yourself as part of a cultural elite and to be reminded of how little influence you have on most Americans.

AND ANOTHER ONE: The Corner’s Mark Hemingway links with related content.  Thanks!  Also, check out this aggregation of videos at Shout First (Who also linked here.  Thanks!)