The Photo That Could Doom the Democrats?

Really?  Democrats have a lot more to worry about than Charlie Rangel’s transgressions.

At this stage, the famous photo of a vacationing Rangel would be but a drop in a bucketful of offenses.  The picture is indeed highly emblematic of the worst our political class has to offer; but if Beinart really thinks Rangel is the Dems’ self-destruct button, he’s more out of touch than Keith Olbermann.  Democrats – thanks in part to Pelosi and Reid’s leadership – are now the Party of “You’ll take your Obamacare and you’ll like it”; and that spells doom for them more than any ol’ picture of a Democrat taking a nap ever will.

There is one photo that – in my opinion – damages the Democrat brand a lot more, but over the long term.  The one I call The Towel of Indifference.

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