UPDATED: The Zuckerman Manuscript

Sounds like a Robert Ludlum novel, but it’s not spy fiction.  It’s true crime: “The Obama administration and the leftwing media have had quite a cozy, revolving door relationship…But who knew that it started before he actually took office?”

Can’t be state-run before your man is in office, so state-run media is the wrong term here.  This is different.  It’s something akin to prostitution, but calling Zuckerman a whore sounds too generous.

He’s a stupid whore.  He gave it up for Obama, but he didn’t get in return what he expected from the transaction.

UPDATE: Ed Driscoll links.  Thanks!

Meanwhile, in the U.S. Senate: if I were asked to describe the GOP’s conduct in one word, I’m not sure what that word would be; but tone-deaf would be part of its definition.