UPDATED: Someone Didn't Watch "Red Dawn"

Open letter to Ted Rall, Dylan Ratigan, and fellow travelers:

Bring it, comrades.  But think about it carefully: For all practical purposes, we’ve got you surrounded.  Especially given recent U.S. Supreme Court jurisprudence.

So you can play Che Guevara all you want.  We will fight back.  Heck, we fought back already all the way to the big shellacking of Nov. 2 didn’t we?  You really think we’ll just sit there while you go all Mao on us?

So you’d be well advised to stick with voting (just don’t expect cheating to be easy).  Or do like you used to during the W years and move to Canada, or France, or wherever the heck you prefer to live.

Otherwise, see you around.

Oh, and we’ll keep an eye out for you, too, Lawrence O’Donnell

UPDATE: If you’re a young gun and have never heard of Red Dawn, it’s an 80’s movie you might want to check out (a remake is in the works, but odds are it will suck).

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