UPDATED: Alinsky: Original Sin In the Glass House of Eden

How much will Democrats and the Left benefit from the attempted murder of one of their own yesterday in Tucson?  This is not a crowd that lets a crisis go to waste, as we well know.  And – like clockwork – they pounced on the tragedy the minute the news broke, as they often do when such tragedies strike.

But as the Left attempts – rather clumsily – to pin the blame for yesterday’s mass killings on right wing activism, invariably a magnifying glass has come to be focused on activism, punditry, and political rhetoric in general.  It’s been inevitable, what with website whitewashings here, here, and here following the removal of Palin’s own infamous “crosshair” map from one of her websites.  The terms “target”, “enemy”, and “dead” evidently are words of some currency among Democrats and the Netroots.

Even the White House could be said to participate in this culture of vitriol: Gateway Pundit recounts President Obama’s multiple appeals to violence (via Ed Driscoll).  Hmm.  Suddenly, this Newsweek cover starts to take on a different meaning.  Doesn’t it?

Of course, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the violent imagery the Left has been injecting into political debate in this country for years now, as has now become abundantly evident following yesterday’s tragic events in Tucson.

But that’s who they are.  That’s who they are supposed to be according to their late, great teacher Saul Alinsky, who must be spinning in his grave.  In their own sanctimoniousness and arrogance, Lefties have unsuspectingly set themselves up to have Alinsky’s Rule 4 applied to them, all because of their obsession with Sarah Palin.  Of course, it doesn’t help that the alleged perpetrator of yesterday’s horrible crime is not much of a conservative.

Another one of Alinsky’s Rules that the Left has failed to observe in all this is Rule 2: “Never go outside the experience of your people” (to be applied in conjunction with Rule 3).  In other words: don’t have your activists implement tactics of which they know nothing.  Well, today’s Left doesn’t know anything about civility, so how could anyone expect them to agitate successfully for their side while condemning uncivil conduct?

Speaking of Alinsky, if there is anyone responsible for introducing the view that our political adversaries are something to hit, it’s probably Alinsky himself.  The term “target” is a key part of his Rule 12.  And the word “enemy” is also an important part of Rules 1, 3, and 4.

Alinsky, the community organizer from Chicago.  Talk about glass houses…

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