Endgame in Wisconsin: Almost There

Seems the mobs in Wisconsin won’t be able to stop the Assembly vote that will bring  Governor Walker’s bill one signature away from becoming law.

There are no permanent victories in politics.  And often times, the duration of a political victory will  come down to how much you want to fight for it to remain your victory.  What we saw in Wisconsin the last 4 weeks or so is the Left trying to turn their defeat at the polls in November into a victory through sheer force and intimidation.  Their concept of democracy is mob rule – might-makes-right “democracy”  (otherwise known as anarchy).  Not the representative democracy which our Founders instituted and which – imperfect as it is – is the framework of our laws and government.

But voters spoke in November – and they have stood by their words to settle this matter.  Without those voices, Wisconsin’s Republicans would have likely buckled under pressure long ago.  And I say this because leadership and courage are incredibly rare among our political types these days, not for any reason in particular.

Well done.  And as I’ve always urged Tea Partiers:  Keep pushing.  You have to.  Election year or not.  To the Left, the campaign never ends.  We must adopt the same approach – as results in Wisconsin now show.  You are always “almost there”.  And so is the other side.