STRATFOR The Libyan war has now begun…

STRATFOR: “The Libyan war has now begun. It pits a coalition of European powers plus the United States, a handful of Arab states and rebels in Libya against the Libyan government. The long-term goal, unspoken but well understood, is regime change — displacing the government of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and replacing it with a new regime built around the rebels.”

Deja vu doesn’t quite describe the feeling these news elicit.  What’s missing?  The ubiquitous sense of outrage in every nook and cranny of Leftie-dom that we couldn’t stop hearing back in 2003, before troops even started packing for Iraq.

Keep in mind that, the USA being a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, Obama could have vetoed the U.N. resolution which authorized this military operation.  But he didn’t do that (Obama dithered, people died?).

There are no weapons of mass destruction in Libya, either.   But it’s OK.  The commentariat only finds military operations offensive when the Commander-In-Chief isn’t a Democrat.

It’s not a double standard. It’s the party line.

UPDATE: The Other McCain links with related content.  Thanks!

Plus, Michael Moore’s reaction is not quite unexpected.  It’s probably the only way he can keep his head from exploding.

But, seriously, Operation Odyssey Dawn?  Sounds like a Twilight sequel.  We had more mature sounding names for military missions just a little over two years ago.  But then again, that’s back when we had grown ups in charge.