UPDATED: VIDEO: Obama Surely Remembers. But Does He Care?

I suppose the TelePrompter was off: “I remember what it was like pumping gas.”

Remembering is one thing.  Giving a damn is another.  And when you hear him say stuff like “You may want to think about a trade-in”, it sounds like he doesn’t give a damn.  In fact, it evinces a lack of empathy that no Republican would ever be able to get away with.  Heck, the elder Bush was raked through the coals for not knowing what a supermarket scanner was or knowing the price of milk.

It’s not a double standard.  It’s the party line…

UPDATE: The AP seems to agree that the above sounds as if Obama doesn’t give a damn.  They rewrote the story and scrubbed the offending quote from the article!

So lame.  Maybe we should call it the SP, instead: Supine Press.  Unbelievable.

UPDATE: The slippery slope of decline: Remember when Obama just wanted us to inflate our tires properly?  Now he want us to get new cars.  What will he suggest next?  High speed rail, I suppose…