UPDATED: The Other McCain Is Big on Weiner Coverage

Size matters (story size, that is) and that’s bad news for Rep. Weiner: “The supply-and-demand incentives for coverage of this story are therefore so strong that, liberal bias or not, the major news networks can’t simply ignore it.”

But Weiner’s clumsy handling of the event is partly to blame.  Talk about the emperor having no clothes.  “Can’t say with certitude” whether the picture was of his own crotch or not?  And this after downgrading the proximate cause of the kerfuffle from the ever-reliable computer hack to a mere prank?  This doesn’t look like a cover-up anymore.  It looks like a desperate cry for damage control.

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UPDATE: Interesting theory: “Rep Weiner did not send the tweet. Neither did Dan Wolfe. The reason Rep Weiner is so shifty on this [is] because it is his wiener, and he is horribly embarrassed that he took that picture, leaving himself so vulnerable in such a boneheaded way.” (via Insty)

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