David Axelrod Says Bill Maher's Attacks On Women Are 'Not Excusable' But Rush Limbaugh’s Are Worse.

Of course they are Alinsky Rule 4 Strikes Again: David Axelrod Says Bill Maher’s Attacks On Women Are “Not Excusable,” But Rush Limbaugh’s Are Worse.

Pathetic.  Video at the link.

The White House knows the whole ‘War On Women’ thing was a mistake.  Otherwise, Axelrod wouldn’t even comment.

It wasn’t just any mistake, either.  It was a stupid one.  How could anyone at the White House forget the nastiness leveled by so many on the left against Palin, Bachmann, and even Hillary Clinton?  Who’s running the show over there?  The interns?

If Axelrod were sincere (or smarter), he wouldn’t have qualified his disapproval of Maher like this, given that his point here is the same as Maher’s: that there are instances in which misogynist hate should be tolerated. After all, if Rush’s conduct is worse than Maher’s, then Maher’s by implication has to be something more desirable.