What does democracy look like  So when I…

What does democracy look like?  So when I heard that Governor Walker had handily defeated the recall (by a 53% to 47% victory which is ridiculously being described as close across the MSM) I couldn’t get a certain image out of my mind of an invincible character from the movies that its enemies simply cannot match.  But I couldn’t quite place the character of the movie.  It’s not Superman and it’s certainly not The Terminator.  But after racking my brain for an hour or so, I think this scene from Ironman is the most apt movie allegory for Governor Walker’s battles over the last year and a half:

The Left and the public employee unions threw everything they had at Governor Walker.  And it was a long battle, but he has prevailed  – with the support of the Tea Party movement and a majority of Wisconsin voters.

Now, I certainly  don’t mean to compare Walker’s opponents to the terrorists in the video above.  But given the reaction of some of them last night, any comparisons might be justified.

As for the claim that this is Citizen’s United fault, how is it that the Super-PAC’s that the Supreme Court made legal in that decision were such a big part of the strategy of Walker’s opponents?  Ah, I get it: Super-PAC’s are bad only when they serve GOP interets.  How could I forget?