STOP MAKING SENSE: Robert Gibbs blames Obama’s unpopularity on Bush. But denies Obama is unpopular.

STOP MAKING SENSE: Robert Gibbs: Don’t Expect 2008 Levels Of Voter Enthusiasm For Obama. But “when asked whether he believes there has been voter ‘disappointment’ in Obama since taking office, Gibbs denied such a thing.”  Then he added that it was all Bush’s fault.

No.  I’m not kidding.  Also, this was not on The Onion.  It was on CNN.

I guess denial is a political strategy now.  Gibbs never was particularly good at his job.  But he seems to be even worse these days.  But as I’ve said before – there are some facts you just can’t spin.  Not in today’s media environment, anyway.  At any rate, if they have to lean on clumsy attempts at Doublethink at this stage of the game – like they were doing less than a year before the 2010 midterms – it’s a good bet few Dems are feeling confident about Obama’s prospects right now. 

Still, this is no time to sit around and watch the regime crumble.  Keep up the pressure.  And vote.  It’s a long way to November.