Moral confusion at The Hollywood Reporter: How did the blacklist become a Hollywood Holocaust? @eddriscoll

Moral confusion at The Hollywood Reporter: Jonah Goldberg: How did the Red Scare era’s Hollywood blacklist become a ‘Hollywood Holocaust’?

I got a link to a related Reporter article by e-mail yesterday or the day before.  I was surprised to learn that the Reporter’s management had adopted such a strongly anti-communist posture back in the day, but the word ‘Holocaust’ wasn’t anywhere in the text.  However, I believe what Goldberg’s piece refers to is this apology from the son of the Reporter’s founder.

I have to agree that terming the blacklist a Holocaust is a ridiculous exaggeration.  Blacklisted talent often went on to work in Europe.  No genocidal government ever gave a similar alternative to the populations they were intent on destroying.

Alas, moral confusion revolving around topics as grave as genocide is not exactly new in some Hollywood circles

UPDATE: Speaking of… (via Ed Driscoll, who reminds us we don’t need to look as far back as Nazi war crimes for examples of moral confusion in Hollywood – and really, how could I forget?).