About that higher education bubble: Vermont Law School Faces $3.3 Million Budget Shortfall

About that higher education bubble: Vermont Law School Faces $3.3 Million Budget Shortfall:

“Sooner or later, I think everyone will have to face what we’re facing right now,” [Vermont Law School Dean Marc] Mihaly said during an interview with The National Law Journal on November 26. “We’re all facing the winds of sweeping change,” he said.  Mihaly said that the voluntary buyout offers were sent to staff members not long ago and administrators at the school hope the buyouts will help the school meet most of its goal. Mihaly also noted that the school could be in for more cuts somewhere along the line.

I don’t think “sweeping change” begins to describe what’s to come – not just for the Academia-Industrial complex, but for our economy as a whole once all those unpaid student loans hit the fan