Not enough hours in the day: Counting the Errors of Modern Journalism

Not enough hours in the day: Counting the Errors of Modern Journalism: “Despite all the rhetoric from Thomas Jefferson down to the latest self-important musings of journalists about journalism’s being the first, best hope for a healthy polity, your newspaper is lying to you. While assuring you that it provides precise information about public policy issues, in many cases it is only pushing speculation and rumor in the guise of fact. Most of the time you have no independent way to confirm its claims, so how can you tell when a newspaper is lying?”

Journalism is hard.  Few get it right – and fewer yet bother to even try.  Anyway, worth a read…

UPDATE: Related: Mag Pushes Fake Picture of Obama Skeet Shooting.  Then deletes it.

The magazine at issue is TNR, which may be perceived as especially unreliable given that its owner and editor-in-chief is Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, who can also put the words “Obama campaign operative” in his resume.